You HAVE to Read This…

1) Labor Day we are open! We will have the following training schedule:


10:00am : RAPID FAT LOSS


2) Unfortunately, our Young Athletes program has diminished very much over time. Even though it has been one of our passions to also focus on young kids, Max and I have decided to not continue with the athletic training for students. Going forward, we will have adult training only, allowing mature young adults over the ages of 14 attend bootcamp. The good news is that any athletes that are currently above the age of 14 will now have access to ALL of our bootcamp workouts without a single change to their membership.


3) We are adding GTZ TRAINING WORKBOOKS for members as part of our member results program. Each and every month when the workouts go up on the boards, they will also be added to your individual notebook as well. You will now be able to stay after your workout and log your progress; or keep the binder with you during training. Whether its the amount of burpees you did, or the amount you bench pressed that day, you’ll now log it in order to track your results!


4) We will be adding a brand new High Intensity Resistance Training workout starting in September. Above all, this will be the toughest workout we have to offer. Because this will be an advanced training bootcamp, it will be exclusive for MEMBERS ONLY. I’m very excited to test your limits and I promise you this: you will HIRT!


5) We are bringing on more experience to the GTZ team. Top-notch programs to help you lose weight and gain muscle require help on our end to carry out. As you know, the only thing we care about is giving your results. So…starting today, you will see Vivian greeting you at the front; motivating you by publicizing your accomplishments with the use of photo and video 🙂


You will also see Herb, our newest personal trainer and bootcamp instructor, assisting in the boot camp workouts. A product of Rowan University, receiving a B.A. in Health and Exercise Science, Herb is a fun, results-driven trainer. Who says you can’t smile while sweating? Having played football, baseball, being a sprinter and Javelin thrower; he carries a deep history in athletics and interest in physical therapy. Herb delivers a very well rounded training style, he brings a subtle balance to fat loss training while optimizing body function. While being able to train for anything, his health philosophy is to ensure a high quality of life through all stages of it. Don’t take his warm-funny attitude lightly, because he is a HUUUGE stickler for form!


6) Last, but not least, we are revamping the rest of the schedule as well. With the new schedule flow, GTZ members will be able to continually stay for 2-3 hours everyday and get both the aerobic and anaerobic workout in. Stay tuned…the schedule will be posted this weekend!


Thank you for always entrusting your physical goals to us. We love what we do and always strive to help you succeed in every way we can!


Your awesome trainer,