[READ THIS!] Here’s EXACTLY how it works…

1) Come in 10 minutes prior to training session start to warm up.
2) Your coach will give you a training partner for the hour
3) There’s 8-12 exercises in any given training session. Your coach will assign you an exercise & demonstrate proper form for that movement.
4) We use intervals for all workouts. Instead of counting your reps, you’ll have a timed “ON” and “OFF” period.
5) Once you complete the exercise for the given amount of sets, move on to the next one.

*NOTE: If you haven’t exercised in a while or have knee, back, etc issues THEN YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!

Our niche is training clients ages 25-55 for purposes in Fat Loss. If you’ve never stuck to an exercise program before…YOU WILL NOW!



20sec ON, 10sec OFF

6-8 SETS

Our Rapid Fat Loss workouts are a great form of cardiovascular training through the use of plyometrics, speed and agility training, and calisthenics. RFL exercises are geared to generate an elevated heart rate for the duration of the training sessions with the purpose of burning more calories during the period of your workouts. Concepts of power training and athletic training will be incorporated in order to improve conditioning and everyday functional activities.


10 Reps Exercise #1, 10 Reps Exercise #2

Repeat for 5 Min

These workouts improve your metabolism by targeting and growing lean muscle throughout the body. Your muscles will not only grow in size, but will also tone accordingly to show the beauty of the human body. Here, you will perform two paired exercises back-to-back for a period of 5 min. If you’re one of those people spending endless hours on that treadmill and seeing no results, our metabolic conditioning programs are your solution.


Intervals Change Weekly

3-5 SETS

These training workouts are focused on either the upper extremities or the lower. In either case, muscle groups are pinpointed to add lean muscle tissue, conditioning, and tone to muscles in the lower or upper body. All compound lifts are designed to put on lean muscle.


Complete allotted reps for both exercises in superset, then rest until minute is completed. Start every minute on the minute for 5 sets.

Kickstart your heart rate and your endurance training with conditioning style and cardio supersets. You’ll have 2 exercises back to back to complete as quickly as possible within a minute time-frame. This will leave you gasping for air and dripping with sweat as you push through all 60 minutes.


25sec ON, 10sec OFF


This High Intensity Resistance Training workout is the toughest strength training workout we have to offer. In this advanced training bootcamp, you will keep a high speed in all of your compound resistance training exercises. For those of you trying to increase your strength, we promise you this: you will HIRT!


45sec ON, 30sec OFF


This is our most popular training routine we have to offer. All motions are multi-joint exercises involving the use of Kettlebells and the TRX Suspension Training Bands. Through this style of training, everyday activities will become much easier to perform and you will become increasingly injury free! Lots of functional movements you’ve never seen before.


Strength Training 

Up to the Coach

This workout focuses on utilizing weights to increase your strength. Lots of compound movements with proper form taught in order to perfect your execution and overall strength for everyday activities.