Will Vegetarianism Affect my Performance?

Will Vegetarianism Affect my Performance?

Today there’s a definite trend of people moving towards vegetarian, and even complete vegan nutrition. Some do it for ethical reasons, others in an effort to improve their health, and there are even those who want to include a vegetarian or vegan diet in to their fitness routine.

When you’re working out to increase mass, or even to tone down and get fit, nutrition is an essential factor. If you’re thinking about cutting meat, or even all animal products from your diet, but you’re concerned about how it might affect your progress or performance, especially if you’re taking part in intense programs like boot camp training, then you need to read this information.

Making up for Nutrient Deficiencies

Choosing vegetarianism or a vegan lifestyle doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to be vitamin or nutrient deficient. However, it does mean you’re going to need to make the right food choices.

Finding carbohydrates won’t be difficult on a meat or animal product free diet, in fact the majority of this essential energy food will come from grains or starches anyway. What you will need to think about is where your protein is coming from.

A great vegetarian source of protein can come from eggs, and contrary to popular belief you can eat an egg a day without adversely affecting your cholesterol intake. On a vegetarian diet you will be cutting out the main source of cholesterol: red meat. An egg a day can provide all of your recommended cholesterol intake without posing health risks.

Vegans won’t have the option of eating eggs for protein, but there’s another superfood available. Tofu is a completely natural bean curd product that has a high protein content with relatively low fat and cholesterol. Tofu can be incorporated in to a number of dishes as a meat replacement, making it perfect for both vegetarians and vegans who want to maintain protein intake for physical health. Don’t forget that nuts and legumes are also high in protein, and provide good levels of dietary fiber.

When it comes to other essentials like calcium, iron, and vitamins, you’re going to need to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. This side of your diet shouldn’t differ from that of someone who’s eating meat. You can replace the iron found in red meet by eating deep green leafy vegetables like spinach. Vitamins you can take from fruit and vegetable sources, and minerals like calcium can be found in high quantities from collard greens, kale, and even garlic. Your New Jersey personal trainer can help you to determine the best choices that will match your fitness training.

Vegetarianism or Veganism Doesn’t Mean Reduced Performance

Don’t fall in to the trap of thinking that you need to consume a diet high in animal proteins to aid your boot camptraining in New Jersey. Atlanta Hawks Point Guard Salim Stoudamire is a proud vegan. Olympic legend Carl Lewis is also a Vegan, and attributes much of his success to the energy his diet allows him.

If you’re working out, make smart food choices to ensure you get all of the essentials from a Vegan or Vegetarian diet. You’ll be able to reach your goals just as you would on any other diet, providing you take care to balance your food intake to ensure your body is getting everything that it needs.