Why You Might Want to Consider a Boot Camp

Why You Might Want to Consider a Boot Camp

You arrive for your regular workout with your personal trainer and he says he is conducting a boot camp to teach an intense workout you have wanted to learn. You had not considered learning in a group setting but instead had wanted to learn in one-on-one sessions with your trainer. Reconsideration may be in order though.

While learning on a one-on-one basis might be good, learning in a group can be better. In a boot camp, you can get the basics of a regimen faster since the class is longer to cover more in one day. It does allow your trainer to teach more of his clients to get them started with a new regimen so the regular sessions with them can focus on refining the workouts rather than learning them.

Joining with a group of others in a boot camp may be more enjoyable than you thought it would be. You may work out harder than you normally do but you are doing it in the company of others with the same fitness interests. You will be encouraged by them as you progress and will return that encouragement to them. A sense of companionship develops and sometimes, regular workout partnerships and friendships develop that last beyond the boot camp. You work harder when you have the encouragement of others and that is often the point of boot camps.

As the personal trainer works with one person on properly performing an aspect of the workout, everyone else watches and learns. This helps cut the learning time down for everyone as they see the proper way of doing it and are able to do it the right way themselves that much sooner.

Something else you may find helpful is getting tips others can provide to help with your fitness goals. You could learn of a different recovery drink, supplement or remedy for muscle soreness that is helpful to you. You may have something of value to offer others in return.

Sometimes, these camps are held in the same gym you regularly work out in but they are often held somewhere else, such as a park. The change of scene can be refreshing by itself. It is neutral territory so everyone in the class is more relaxed and not thinking about the last workout done in that same area. The focus is on the class.

After your first boot camp experience, you may find yourself looking forward to others. If your personal trainer conductsboot camps, don’t hesitate to sign up. Participating could help you advance in your fitness goals quicker as well as giving you the opportunity to encourage others and be encouraged in the comradery of others.