Why have Boot Camp Training Programs become so Popular?

If you mention boot camp fitness programs, the reaction is often mixed. To some people, it brings to mind scary instructors screaming orders, doing push-ups until you collapse, and unrealistic physical challenges. While there may be boot camps like that, the average boot camp training New Jersey has to offer is nothing like that and is something that might be worth a second look. In many areas, boot camp fitness programs have dropped the label “boot camp” in favor of less intimidating names like Outdoor training program, group fitness program, etc. Whatever they are called, these types of fitness programs are becoming more popular for a wide variety of reasons.


If you want to lose weight or simply become more physically fit, but hate the gym scene, hiring a personal trainer would previously have been your only option. The problem with personal trainers however, is that they can be extremely expensive. This is one of the reasons that boot camp fitness programs have gained popularity. Since the trainer is working with a group of people rather than a single client, the cost is often significantly less.

The Great Outdoors

When working out at a gym, you may travel from one room to another, but you are still confined within four walls. When you participate in boot camp training New Jersey, or anywhere else, the world is your gym. In addition, unlike their indoor cousins, outdoor workouts tend to burn more calories within a shorter exercise period making them more effective. Instructors make use of natural terrain such as sand, grass, and hills when having the participants run. Because it provides more resistance and less spring than the average treadmill or gym floor, participants must work harder and end up burning more calories. The fresh air also serves to invigorate your mind and body in a way that compels you to work harder to achieve your goals.

It’s More Fun than the Gym

Boot camp fitness training programs incorporate exercises like obstacles, running, and relays. Not only are these sports an effective form of exercise, but they can also be very recreational. You are getting a very effective, strenuous workout, but you are having a great time while you’re doing it. This can often make the time go faster, lift spirits, and is much less tedious than simply going from machine to machine at a gym.

A Sense of Camaraderie

Boot camp fitness training programs are comprised of like-minded people who are trying to achieve the same goals. Much like military boot camp teaches a group of strangers to work as a team, participants in boot camp fitness training groups support each other in order to achieve their goal. Friendships that develop in this type of atmosphere often last long after the course is completed and continue to be a source of motivation.

Boot camp training New Jersey can offer a great alternative to hitting the gym in order to achieve your fitness goals and make connections that can last a lifetime. Finding the right program for your needs may involve talking to more than one instructor, but the time spent will be more than worth it in the long run.