Are Wearable Fitness Tools Worth the Price?

Are Wearable Fitness Tools Worth the Price?

If you asked 100 people currently training in New Jersey if they have ever purchased a wearable fitness tool like the FitBit or a heart rate monitor, a large percentage would answer yes. These gadgets have become big profit-earners for some leading health and fitness brands, and there are several new options set to hit store shelves in the next year.

Even Microsoft is jumping into the market with a GPS-enabled wristband, called the Microsoft Band, that tracks calories burned and sleep quality while delivering text messages. The GPS tracker and text message delivery will work independent of a cell phone. This means users will track their miles during runs or walks without their cell phones, and they won’t even miss a text.

Technology will continue to expand in the health and fitness industry, but will it benefit those interested in personal training in New Jersey? This comes down to a personal decision you have to answer for yourself.

Wearable Fitness Tools – The Benefits

There are three reasons that you may decide to wear a heart rate monitor, step counter or something new like the Microsoft Band.

1. You have a functional need. You want to track how many steps you take in a day, how many calories you burn or far you travel in order to meet fitness goals. You can participate in personal training in New Jersey and use this technology to track your progress between training sessions.

2. You need something to keep you motivated. Tracking data during and between workouts can encourage you to compete with yourself, pushing your body further and further to perform your absolute best.

3. You are a technology fan. Instead of buying the latest iPhone, you may decide to buy the latest fitness gadget that may allow you to leave your phone at home when you exercise.

As technology continues to improve, you will find that some fitness gadgets can take the place of other accessories that you wear everyday. For instance, you may leave your credit cards at home and wear a device that allows you to pay for goods and services from your watch. That is already possible to a certain extent, so there is a convenience factor to wearing these tools

What’s the Catch?

The downside is often the price. The Microsoft Band will sell for approximately $200, and that is cheap compared to many competing devices. Depending on what type of goals you set for your fitness and well being, you may find that these devices simply don’t meet your needs. If you don’t need to track steps, distance, calories burned or sleep activity, you may find there are better ways to spend your money while benefitting your personal training in New Jersey more.