Top Tips for Slimming Down Your Thanksgiving

Top Tips for Slimming Down Your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, but for most of us, it involves big Thanksgiving feasts. Unfortunately, it’s easy to pick up a few extra pounds over Thanksgiving, and if you’re not careful and you don’t stick to your regular exercise and training in New Jersey, those pounds can become permanent. You don’t have to skip out on the great food this Thanksgiving, but you can use a few tips to stay slim down the holiday so you enjoy it without the weight gain.

Tip #1 – Stay Active

First, make sure you stay active to prevent weight gain over the Thanksgiving holiday. You can head to the gym for personal training New Jersey. If you’ll be traveling over the holiday, make sure you do 15 minutes of bodyweight exercises or take a walk or a run outdoors each day. You’ll keep your metabolism going and reduce the chance of gaining weight.

Tip #2 – Don’t Forget Breakfast

Since you know you’ll be having a big dinner later, it’s easy to consider saving up your calories for the big meal. However, don’t forget about breakfast. If you eat a healthy, filling breakfast, you’ll find it easier to control what you eat when it’s time to sit down to that Thanksgiving feast.

Tip #3 – Lighten Traditional Recipes

Another way to slim down your Thanksgiving is to lighten traditional Thanksgiving recipes. In baked goods, use sugar substitutes to lower the amount of sugar. Cut back on the butter used in recipes. Make gravy and baste your turkey using fat-free chicken broth. Just a few changes can drastically reduce the calories in your meal.

Tip #4 – Stick to Smaller Portions

When the Thanksgiving table is laden with all your Thanksgiving favorites, it’s easy to overindulge. Win the battle by sticking to smaller portions. Pick your favorite foods from the table and have small portions of them. Skip the foods that you can enjoy any time of year. Make sure you don’t go back for seconds. You can also choose the healthier options at the table, such as white turkey meat, roasted sweet potatoes and plain veggies. However, as long as you keep portion sizes small, enjoy your favorites.

Use these tips to avoid gaining weight this Thanksgiving. If you do pack on a pound or two, make sure you get back into your fitness training in New Jersey to quickly eliminate those couple pounds before they become permanent.