The Truth about Your Weight and Exercise

Does it seem like your extra pounds aren’t going away even with your regular exercise and fewer calories consumption? In that case you are probably wondering why it is so. Well, you need to learn certain truths about what to expect when trying to lose weight with fitness exercise.











Here are some truths about your weight and exercise;

#1: You Need More than Exercise in Your Weight Loss Journey

At Northwestern Comprehensive Center on Obesity, the clinical director, Robert Kushner, MD, has this to say about his patients, “They complain about losing only very small amount of pounds even though they work out thrice in a week for at least half hour.”

According to M.D, Kushner, one of the patients said, “I have followed this routine for the past three months and have only seen insignificant result. Could I have been doing something wrong?”

Here’s Kushner’s response to patients; “Exercise is definitely very good for you. However, adopting healthy meal prep recipes and healthy diet should be your starting point. So, get a handle on what you eat first.

Subsequently, as your weight starts to drop and you feel increasingly better and lighter, becoming more active will come naturally. And, to sustain your weight loss, leading an active lifestyle must become your priority.”

Other medical experts also added that physical activity such as fitness exercise is highly effective for weight loss. However, they emphasized that the amount of exercise is the key to achieving meaningful success.

#2: Exercise is Essential to Sustain Weight Loss

To maintain weight loss, regular exercise should become a lifestyle. You can choose any form of exercise such as embarking on fitness boot camp or engaging a personal trainer. The most important thing is to ensure you are exercising regularly.

According to a featured article on WebMD, a medical professional by the name Hills says; “We discovered that individuals who concentrate more on diet and leave out physical activity are usually not very successful with their weight loss journey on the long run.”

Hill speaks further; “People have constantly achieved significant weight loss with just diet. But, studies have shown over and again that those individuals gain back the weight faster when they do not get physically active.

So, the bottom line is, diet alone will not produce total and lasting weight loss result. In the same manner, exercise alone is not sufficient, you need to combine both techniques for the best possible and long-lasting weight loss result.

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