The Ten Best Exercises for Women

The Ten Best Exercises for Women

Women are prone to fat build up in their bodies. That is why they need to exercise effectively. They have to trim off the unwanted fat deposits, they have accumulated over time because of so many factors. Desk jobs, emotional eating, and just plain lack of time all contribute to weight gain that all women experience at some point. If you are one of those women who wants a change, check out these exercises that can truly help burn off the extra calories you have in your body.

  • Jumps and Lunges

The main purpose of this exercise is to tone the thighs. Jumping and lunging at the same time is also effective in building up your balance and your butt muscles. Your cardiovascular system and legs will definitely benefit from this workout.

  • Reverse Leg Raise and Lunges

Your hip and thigh muscles are targeted in this workout. It is similar to the lunges that you’re familiar with. The gluteus muscles (butt muscles) work hard by performing the reverse leg raise. Your lower back, abdominals, and oblique muscles are toned as you balance yourself during the workout.

  • The Burpee

This tones and strengthens your core and your legs. The higher you jump, the more you strengthen your cardiovascular system. The burpee allows you to target different muscle groups and this burns more calories in a shorter period.

  • Jackknife Crunches

This exercise is dedicated for the toning and strengthening of your abdominals, both upper and lower areas. Even if you don’t have exercise equipment, you can still have that toned stomach. Just be motivated to do it consistently

  • Push Ups

When you perform pushups, you use your body weight. This tones your muscles and increases your strength.

  • Squats and Jumps

This polymetric workout burns high amounts of calories and helps you have more strength. This is helpful in preparing you for sports such as soccer, basketball, or track and field.

  • Mountain Climbers

This is also known as “Rabbit Chasers”. Here, you use your body weight, which burns high amounts of calories. It helps in toning your core and thigh muscles.

  • Leg Raises and Side Planks

The purpose of this exercise is to balance your body weight with your stacked feet and with one hand. This movement firms up your oblique muscles, stabilizes your core and shoulders, and tones your thighs.

  • Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are performed to strengthen your cardiovascular system. Both your lungs and heart are put to the test when you do this exercise.

  • Lateral Jumps

This exercise tone your thighs, hips, and butt. It also helps strengthen your knee joints and ankles. With this workout, players prevent injuries in their lower extremities.

Check with your doctor first if you have any conditions or injuries. Try these effective exercises for women and experience the change that you want.