The Lunchtime Workout

Finding time to fit your workout into a busy day, can be difficult, to say the least. At Gravity Training Zone, people who are undergoing boot camp training or regular bodybuilding, often have difficulty finding the best time to exercise. Mornings aren’t the best time for most people, and not everyone has energy after a hard day of work. What many fitness enthusiasts don’t realize, is that the best time of the day to exercise is when you feel your best. For most people, that time is lunchtime.

If you only have a short lunch break, or work in a critical industry where breaks might be interrupted, then lunchtime might not be the best time for you. However if you’re one of the growing number of people who are lucky enough to have a one hour lunch break, then you will find plenty of benefits from making this your workout time.

Heading to the Gym, or even heading outside for a run during your lunch break, will allow you to take advantage of the pep that you have in the middle of the day. Of course you won’t have time to work out for the full hour, but depending on how far you have to travel from your place of work, you should be able to get at least 30 minutes of training, and maybe up to 40 minutes in total.

Because your time is limited, it will be best to break up your workouts into different days. You could alternate cardio and lifting from day to day, and work on different muscle groups. Figure out a rotation that works for you, and stick to it.

The best thing about working out at lunchtime when your energy is high, is that you’re going to have less problems with motivation. Although your sessions will be shorter, you will be more likely to stick to your routine. If you have a specific bodybuilding goal, or even a weight loss goal, then you may find it easier to stick to a plan by working out in the middle of the day. You can even add in extra fat burning and core strengthening by taking a light walk in the evening, and you still won’t feel burnt out.

The personal trainers at Gravity Training Zone can help to tailor a lunchtime workout for your needs. Visit us today and find out why our programs produce results, time after time.