The Best Proteins for Boot Camp Training

The Best Proteins for Boot Camp Training? Protein is an essential part of any diet. If you want healthy energy to burn building muscle for strength, then you’re going to need to pay attention to the proteins that you consume. If you’re eating meat, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from, but not all meat is good for you. Finding the best meats for lean protein will help you to take in only the nutrients that you need, without consuming unnecessary calories from fat.

Your personal trainer in New Jersey can provide a wealth of information on healthy food choices, and these meat proteins are often on the top of any trainers’ list.

Lean Poultry

Both chicken and turkey are excellent sources of muscle building protein. When you chose the right cuts you can maximize the benefit of either of these birds.

Breast is by far the best choice, offering a high amount of protein with low levels of fat. Before cooking it’s important to remove any leftover skin layer which will only add unnecessary calories to your meals.

The best thing about poultry is its versatility. Chicken breast can be sautéed in olive oil, seared, grilled, boiled, and baked. Chicken that is lightly seasoned in salt and herbs can make for the perfect protein side to a green salad, and you can even shred cooked chicken to toss in a salad to add more flavor.

Light Fish

Lighter fish like snapper, salmon, and mahi-mahi are similar to chicken in that they’re versatile and low in fat. If you’re not a regular fish eater, you’ll want to stick with sautéed and baked fish initially, although after you’ve acquired a taste you can begin to incorporate fish in to stews and salads. A 3.5oz serving of fish can provide almost 19g of protein with only 1g of fat. It’s hard to compete with a ratio like this, making fish one of the healthiest food choices you could make when boot camp training.

Eye Cut Steak

Eye fillet steaks are perfect for your red meat serving, simply because they are lean and high in protein. Steak can be cooked almost any way you can think of, and for most people it’s a delicious addition to any diet. Beef has more benefits than simply providing protein. As most people are aware, beef is high in iron, but it’s also an excellent source of phosphorous, zinc, and B vitamins. Although eye cuts are preferable, you can use other cuts like sirloin, just remember to remove the fat before cooking.

Balance Your Protein Sources for a Healthy Diet

The key to any good diet is balance. Eating the same kind of food too often can unbalance digestive enzyme production, sometimes leading to weight gain or poor nutrition intake. When you’re boot camp training in New Jersey you’re going to need all of the energy that you can get, so choose a variety of beef, fish, and poultry, occasionally adding other meats like lamb or pork.

Talk to your personal trainer in New Jersey for the best choices for you. After building good habits your healthy eating choices will become second nature, helping you to reach your fitness goals while maintaining a strong and healthy body.