Small Motivators, Big Results

Small Motivators, Big Results

Researchers from the University of Kansas School of Medicine completed a study regarding the motivating power of text messages. Researchers sent 11 adult Latinos daily text messages about the benefits of exercise. After six weeks of receiving the messages, 10 of the 11 participants more than doubled the number of minutes they spent exercising each week.

While the study was considerably small, the results are intriguing for anyone interested in health and fitness. It is sometimes difficult to drag yourself off the couch or out of bed to exercise. The study showed that something as simple as reading a text message can remind you of your goals and motivate you to make healthier choices. You may not have researchers to send you messages regarding your personal health and fitness goals, but there are ways to mimic this study in your own life.

Partner Up

Do you have a friend or family member with similar goals to yours? What if you teamed up and agreed to send each other encouraging text messages each day? It only takes a minute to send a text message and another minute to read it. Include everyone you know and send group text messages. You may find what others are doing each day encourages you to make better choices for progress toward your own goals.

Remind Yourself

List the reasons you want to make all of your appointments for personal training in New Jersey and meet your health and fitness goals. Write positive statements regarding each of those reasons on post-it notes, and hang the notes on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator and car steering wheel. Place a note wherever you will see it frequently.

The goal is to remind yourself of the reasons you are trying to make positive changes in your life. This is similar to receiving a text message from someone else, but you can do this for yourself.

Listen to Your Trainer

You don’t get daily text messages when you sign up for training in New Jersey, but you do get a trainer who cares a lot about your health and well being. If you listen closely, you will find that your trainer speaks a lot of wise words that can motivate you for weeks to come if you pay attention. When you hear something that motivates and inspires you, write it down. Email it to yourself. Post it on Facebook. Read it often to remind yourself of why you work so hard and what you want to achieve in life.