Should I use Soy Protein or Whey Protein?

Protein is perhaps the greatest topic of debate when we talk nutrition for body builders. The problem is that there are different sets of belief surrounding the different options out there. If you go into any bodybuilding shop, you’ll find pea protein, soy protein, whey protein and even beef protein on the shelves. If you base your decision solely on price, then soy would be the overall winner. But when you consider the best nutrition for body builders you need to go beyond that.Since soy protein and whey protein are the most commonly selected protein types, we’ll take a moment to look at them. Whey protein tends to be more filling. Soy is the sweeter of the choices. The alternatives like beef isolate is heavy and pea protein that is often bitter are not often realistic options when you’re looking to bulk up.


Soy protein is made from soybeans. There is a good chance you’ve experience soy as it is used in most vegan products like tofu. Yes, tofu is a disgusting substance most of us dread, fortunately, soy protein doesn’t have that flavor, or even the texture. But what it does have is tons of protein and no fat or cholesterol. So the avid bodybuilder who wants to bulk up and be heart smart this is a positive twist.


It also can be added to your favorite foods without changing the flavor profile drastically. You can add it to salad dressing, soup, desserts, and other items and it will usually just add protein if you choose an unflavored source. Of course, protein shakes tend to focus on delicious flavor alternatives. So you’ll find some soy protein in all of your favorite flavors.


There are some studies that do suggest it can spike estrogen levels in men. This means it could be counterproductive and should be used in combination with other products. Another risk is that soy farmers are progressively moving towards a GMO options. These products are then treated chemically to reduce the infestation of insects. This can be problematic in many cases. So you do need to take that into account. However, the only true vegan proteins are soy and pea proteins.


Whey protein is the other common choice for fitness nutrition. It is also commonly the most accepted for being the most effective type of protein that is offered for muscle building. The reason is that whey protein (which comes from the milk of a cow) is the simplest for your body to digest, so you benefit from it quickly. They are the least processed and contain low levels of fat when they are in a concentrate form. Whey isolates are also available and some people like that it contains little to no fat, however they also lose a lot of their protein. Finally, whey hydro isolates are available to those with milk allergies. They are expensive has less protein, but they are ideal for those who are lactose intolerant.


In addition to boosting your ability to grow muscle mass, whey protein can help to suppress your appetite. That means you end up consuming less calories, so your muscles can grow, rather than needing to burn off unwanted calories. The antioxidants they contain help to protect from free radicals and whey has been shown to lower your risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It clearly is a powerful type of protein that should be on the list of any bodybuilder.

The other problem is that in some sensitive individuals it may cause bloating, gas, headaches and even cramps. However, if you don’t have problems with dairy in general, then you shouldn’t have any issues with whey protein.


So what protein should you use? It’s ultimately up to you. If you prefer a vegan option, soy protein is definitely the best choice for you. However, if you aren’t restrictive with your diet, then whey protein is definitely the way to go.