Nutrition for Body Builders – Great Foods for Body Building Results

Good nutrition for body builders does not require a list of complicated, fancy foods. All you need is a few simple foods and you’ll maximize your bodybuilding results. If you are a body builder that wants results, make sure the following foods are a part of your diet.

Food #1 – Lean Red Meat

Chicken gets all the glory, but lean cuts of red meat are a great addition to a body builder’s diet. Learn red meat offers complete protein, making it easier to add muscle. Look for cuts of red meat that are bright red and ensure there is little to no visible fat.

Food #2 – Egg Whites

Egg whites offer a great source of protein, which is important to any body builder. Not only are egg whites a great source of protein, they are reasonably priced too. When you buy eggs, make sure eggs are free of cracks and make sure to refrigerate your eggs. Fuel up on egg whites for breakfast or before you go workout.

Food #3 – Chicken Breast

When it comes to fitness training and nutrition for body builders, chicken breast is another great food to eat regularly. Many body builders consume chicken because it’s low in fat, high in protein, and it can be made in so many different ways. To save money, consider purchasing frozen, boneless skinless chicken breasts.

Food #4 – Salmon Fillets

Salmon not only packs a great protein punch, it also offers plenty of unsaturated fats as well. Since many body builders eat a lot of low fat foods, deficiencies in good fats often occur. When purchasing Salmon, you’ll find that Atlantic salmon is very common, and when fresh, it should be bright orange without an odor. Go with thicker cuts of salmon, since thick cuts are more likely to be tender.

Food #5 – Asparagus

Yes, you need veggies too when you’re trying to build muscle. Asparagus offers a great choice for body builders that are trying to get extra-tight, since it helps to eliminate excess water. Spears of asparagus should be bright green and free of bruises and blemishes. On the tip, make sure buds are tightly closed – they shouldn’t be wilted. To enjoy the best flavor, eat within a couple days of purchasing.

Food #6 – Sweet Potatoes

You need more than protein to build a buff body, and carbs offer the energy needed to workout hard. Sweet potatoes provide carbs without overdosing the body on fast-acting, simple carbs. When buying sweet potatoes, look for firm, smooth potatoes that don’t have any blemishes or bruises. Smaller to medium size sweet potatoes usually have a better taste than the large, jumbo sweet potatoes.