Move More: Is It Really that Simple?

 Most people struggling to maintain a healthy bodyweight have been told to “just move more” at least once or twice. The idea is that you will lose weight and easily maintain your new healthy body if you lead a more active lifestyle. More movement equals higher calorie burn, and higher calorie burn equals weight loss and maintenance.

It sound so simple, but is it really? It turns out you need to do a bit more then move a little more each day if you have serious fitness goals.

That’s Not a Goal

If you were to say your goal is to “move more,” our response would be, “that’s not a goal.” You must set specific, measureable goals if you are to achieve success. You can move just five minutes more and reach the goal of moving more than you did yesterday. Those five minutes aren’t going to push you very far toward your health and fitness goals, but you would have met the supposed “goal” of moving more.

Some alternative goals that may help you progress toward weight loss and improved fitness are as follows:

  • I will take a walk every evening after dinner instead of watching TV.
  • I will sign up for personal training in New Jersey rather than spending money on fast food this month.
  • I will play with my children at the park rather than watching them.

All of these goals allow you to move more, but they give specific, measureable methods for increasing your activity level. They take “just move more” one step further to “set more active goals.”

Beyond Your Activity Level

Anyone you see actively training in New Jersey for sports or marathons will tell you that fitness is about more than just moving. While it is important to lead an active lifestyle, it is also important to fuel your body with nourishing, fresh foods and keep your thoughts positive. Your mental outlook will largely determine your ability to keep up with your new activity goals, and the food you consume will support the increased demand on your body for energy.

You can also count on your personal trainer for support and advice on all aspects of fitness. When you sign up for personal training in New Jersey, you get more than someone to tell you what exercises to complete. You also get someone with the expertise to help you make changes in your diet while keeping your mind positive and focused on your goals.

Yes, moving more is a part of getting healthy. It just isn’t all there is to it. You need the support of professionals who have seen and heard it all when it comes to weight loss transformations.