Apple cider vinegar has been used as a method to assist people in losing weight for a while now. But within recent years its really blown up. Now there are tons of people that claim that apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight and that it can help you detoxify your body. You’ll find it in all kinds of diets and weight loss programs and you’ll also find it in detox plans. Today in this video I’m going to tell you whether apple cider vinegar really works, how much it works, and what it actually works for. I’m going to go over all the supposed benefits, I’ll give you guys a recipe that you can try on your own, and then we’ll talk about what science has to say about this. If you really want to know the truth about this magical weight loss elixir then make sure that you hear all my points out with an unbiased view.

First lets start by breaking up the misconception that apple cider vinegar is nutritious. Because the truth is that It doesn’t contain a lot of nutrients. Remember nutrients are vitamins and minerals and if you look into apple cider vinegar it has pretty much none. Instead it has acetic acid which is an acid with a very high ph level and this is where all the supposed good effects come from.

So what are the claimed good effects, the pros of using apple cider vinegar?
1. It’s supposed to help you with digestion especially if you eat a high protein diet
2. It can help clear you skin and reduce your acne, but this has not been backed by scientific research.
3. It has Anti bacterial properties
4. It Can help with acid reflux or heart burn believe it or not
3. Controls Blood Sugar
4. It’s very good for breaking up calcification.
5. Claims to help regulate your PH Levels even though many scientists state that changing the ph of your body is very unlikely and improbable
6. Good Electrolyte source
7. Can help lowers high blood pressure
8. Can help lower blood sugar levels which could be very useful for diabetics
9. It can help fight fatigue and give you energy throughout the day
10. Clears sinus congestion,
11. Helps lower ldl or bad cholesterol
12. Helps treat calcium and potassium deficiency’s
And as far as fat loss and weight loss goes it
13. Can helps burn fat faster
14. Can help with your thyroid function and increase your metabolism
15. And it suppresses your appetite

Now keep in mind these are the claims made about apple cider vinegar by others. I am not saying that it does or does not do any of this. I’m just presenting you with the facts and you can make a decision on your own. There is definitely a lot of false information out there about apple cider vinegar because of marketers trying to use it to sell detox plans. So just keep that in mind

The really good news is that the cons of drinking apple cider vinegar are very limited if you do it correctly. If you drink apple cider vinegar straight your going to have some serious problems. You can even die if you drink too much of this stuff straight up. However, if you dilute it in water you should be okay besides one possible negative effect. The Acid in apple cider vinegar can ruin your teeth by stripping away the enamel. So most people that drink this drink it with a straw to maintain healthy teeth.

So, lets get into the recipe. Every recipe that I’ve found for an apple cider vinegar drink has the same base ingredients, and then some recipes add other ingredients either for flavor or other beneficial effects.

You want to start by drinking this in the morning before breakfast and some people choose to continue having it throughout the day before each of their meals. The key is to have 2-4 Tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar per day. Make sure you don’t exceed the 4 tablespoons.

The base recipe is
1 cup of water
1 Whole lemon
1-2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar that has to say raw, organic, unfiltered, and un pasteurized. Or you can just get braggs apple cider vinegar or a vinegar that says mother on it.

Some people add a little bit of cinnamon, sweeteners, honey, and juices to make it taste better.

Now before you get super excited and start making this drink thinking your going to lose tons of weight easily lets talk about how it relates to weight loss. Can it help you lose weight. Well if it really does lower your appetite and helps boost your metabolism then yes it could definitely help out. If you consume less calories because your less hungry and burn more calories throughout the day you will lose some weight. I know one of my trainers that works for me would recommend it to many clients to help them lose weight and some of them would experience short term success with it. What I mean by short term success is that people will lose weight from the drink, but the weight won’t keep going down. You can start by losing lets say 10 pounds over the course of a couple weeks and then the weight will balance out maybe by gaining 5 back. One thing that definitely won’t happen is that you won’t keep losing more and more weight by sitting there drinking the apple cider vinegar drink. So from my experience it really can help as a weight loss aid, but make no mistake it is nowhere near close to a substitute for diet and exercise. As far as its use to detoxify the body, I am very very skeptical. Your body has natural ways to detox that are far more powerful than anything apple cider vinegar can do for you. If you want to try it for weight loss then by all means give it a shot because many people claim that it helped, didn’t replace exercise and dieting, but helped them lose some weight. However, if you want to try it for detoxing save yourself some time because all this detox stuff is largely a load of bullshit, and all the claims about these drinks helping to detoxify the body are completely not backed by science. I’ll be making a video about how the detox industry is an industry built largely off of lies so if you’d like to find out more about that look out for that video.

That’s it guys i hope this video helped. Try the recipe I gave you let me know how it works in the comments below.