How to lose A lot of Weight Fast

How to lose a lot of weight fast is what you want to know. Well that tells me something about you right off the bat it tells me that you probably have a lot of weight to lose. What you have to consider before you even start is the fact that you didn’t put on all that weight overnight. More than likely the weight has come on pound by pound over time. And to be blunt it’s time that you spent making poor decisions in regard to taking care of your physical body. Now you’re at this point where you want to lose a lot of weight and you want to lose it fast. Based on my experience chances are also very high that you are looking for the perfect program, with the ultimate workout plan, and the secret diet that will get you to lose all that weight very very fast. Well, this video is not at all about that because the workout program that you do and the diet that you do and the cremes and pills and supplements that you take are not nearly as important or effective as what you got going on up here in your mind. Today I’m going to give you a huge key that you need to have to unlock the gate between you and your new body.

This key is responsibility. Now most people when they hear the word responsibility they immediately associate it with fault. However, just because you are responsible for something does not mean that you are at fault for it. You may have not been born with the best genetics, you might have genes that cause you to store fat easier than other people. Which may even be why you’re finding yourself in a position in which you need to lose a whole lot of weight in the first place. And let me tell you something that will probably sound like music to your ears, it’s not your fault that you may have been born with crappy genetics that cause you to store more fat than the average person. On a side note A lot of you don’t have crappy genetics, but you just blame your genetics so you can feel better about your body by acting like a victim. But even if you are someone that has really bad genetics it is not your fault that you were born this way, that you were dealt the hand you were dealt, but it’s your responsibility to take care of it.

I’ve been a personal trainer for over 8 years now, and I’ve trained lots and lots of people, and let me tell you as responsible as I tried to make myself for my clients results over the years I’ve learned that I can’t be responsible. It’s always up to the client, its up to the person trying to make the transformation, it’s up to you to take responsibility for your body and for your results. Hiring a trainer or buying a great workout and diet plan is gonna help big time but if you don’t take responsibility for your body nobody will be able to do it for you. We live in a world in which we can go out and buy anything we want. I want new shoes I’ll go buy them, I want a cleaner house I’ll pay for a maid, I want new floors I’ll pay someone to do it. Unfortunately losing a lot of weight is not something that you can pay for. You can pay for accountability, knowledge, and motivation, but you can’t give someone else the responsibility of taking care of your own body. It’ll forever be only your responsibility.

Now here’s the kicker. Until you realize that this is your responsibility there is nothing that anyone can do for you that’ll get you to lose and keep off the weight. If you feel like you are responsible for what you will look like tomorrow and a month from now and a year from now, you put all the power that you need to transform your body into your hands. That’s how powerful your mind is when you make a firm choice. From that position you can go get that workout and diet plan or that personal trainer and you’ll be very successful.

Someone that is responsible will take the initiative to constantly push themselves to progress in their workout. They will know that its totally up to them to force themselves to grab a heavier weight than the last workout. A person that has taken personal responsibility for their weight will know that it’s up to them to meal prep in the beginning of the week to have healthy options available to eat. And they’ll also know that it’s fully they’re responsibility to reject the crappy food that gets thrown at them in ads, billboards, and pretty much everywhere. They’ll take the responsibility of waking up extra early in the morning to run or even speed walk a couple miles before having breakfast. They’ll exercise more, exercise harder, exercise more consistently, and they’ll keep meal after meal healthy and clean.