Interval Training to Maximize Workouts and Boost Weight Loss


Weight loss is one of the biggest motivators for people getting involved in training in New Jersey. Often, you’ll choose to start a new health and fitness regimen because you want to get back in to shape, and weight loss and fitness development is usually necessary before you can think about toning, or building mass and gaining weight through bodybuilding.

There’s no magic, quick and easy way to lose weight, it all comes down to the simple fact that you need to consume less calories, and engage in more energy burning physical activity. One of the most effective ways that you can achieve this physical activity, is through interval training.

What Is Interval Training?

When you incorporate interval training in to your personal training in New Jersey, you’ll be engaging in workouts that combine short periods of intense aerobic activity, coupled with short warm-down periods over a complete workout.

Interval training can be incredibly simple, and at its most basic is based on a formula like this;

  • Begin your workout with at least a 5 minute warm up period of stretching, building up to light cardio.
  • Move to a mid to high intensity cardio activity for 90 seconds.
  • Work back down to a low intensity cardio activity for 45 seconds, before going back to mid to high intensity.
  • Repeat the process for 45 minutes for a complete workout.
  • Ensure that you warm down with light cardio, followed by stretches for 5 minutes.

As you can see, the actual process is incredibly simple, and when you’re taking personal training in New Jersey your trainer will help to make recommendations, and tailor the basic structure to your fitness level.

What Exercises Are Good for Interval Training?

Almost any aerobic exercise (cardio) can be used for interval training. Anything from running and walking on a treadmill, to cycling, or even a resistance/cardio workout on a rowing machine could be adapted to an interval training structure.

Why Is Interval Training so Beneficial?

Experts believe interval training has the ability to build up aerobic fitness in a short period of time, while also maximizing the calories burnt in a workout. More calories are burnt over 45 minutes of interval training, than steady training of moderate to high intensity over the same time period. High intensity workouts at interval are also effective at burning fat, so this is the perfect exercise for newcomers to training in New Jersey who want to lose weight efficiently and safely, while increasing their overall fitness level.

Because it’s a cardio based workout, interval training is good for your respiratory system, as well as your heart. Basically any benefit you can think of from regular cardio is amplified when using Interval Training. If you’re thinking about working this fantastic exercise style in to your routine, make sure you talk to your personal trainer in New Jersey who will make the right recommendations, and suggest exercises and intensity levels for your own level of fitness