Gym Habits It’s Time to Break if You Want a Stronger Body

Doing the wrong things before, after, or during your workout can keep you from getting the results you really want. Here’s a look at some gym habits you need to break if you want a fit, strong body.

Habit #1 – Failing to Warm Up

Jumping right into your workout is a mistake, and this can put you at risk for cramps or injuries. Before working out, do at five-minute warm-up that is relevant to the routine you plan to engage in. For example, if you are going to do sprint intervals, warm up with a light jog. This will increase the flow of blood to the areas you plan to challenge.

Habit #2 – Only Doing Cardio

While cardio is definitely an important part of your fitness program, it shouldn’t be the only part if you’re working to lose weight. It’s important to add strength training to your routine, since it helps to build and maintain muscle, which will speed up your metabolism.

Habit #3 – Failing to Change Up Your Routine

Your goal is to see gains – you want to meet your goals. Whether you want to sculpt lean muscle, get a strong core, or lose more fat, you need to change up your routine if you want results. No matter your fitness level, changing things up with intervals can help you see improved results while making your workouts go by faster.

Habit #4 – Forgetting to Stay Hydrated

Don’t make the mistake of going through your workouts without hydrating with water. If you’re dehydrated, it will hurt your performance. Instead of grabbing the expensive sports drinks, stick with water unless you’re working out for over 90 minutes.

Habit #5 – Copying Other People

When you head to the gym, don’t make the mistake of always copying other people. Remember, each body is different and as your body changes, you’ll move differently. Don’t expect the results of the person next to you at the gym. Your fitness level, past injuries, and goals should always be taken into account when setting goals and developing your own fitness routine.