Fitness Boot Camp: What Is the Doctor’s Opinion About It?

According to Dr. Melinda Ratini’s report on WebMD, “fitness boot camp is an excellent way to quick-start weight loss.” He added that you need to be aware of certain things before enrolling in this high-intensity workout program;

Mental Aspects of Fitness @ Personal training and bootcamp gym in Freehold

#1: Boot camp workout is intense. It targets your entire muscle groups, even your core, and provides you with an excellent cardio exercise to boot.

#2: You should guard against injury. Before starting the workouts, you need to warm up first. And, after the workout, you have to cool down for some moments. The bottom line is to stick to the exact instructions of your boot camp instructor. If you are in doubt of what do exactly, do not hesitate to ask.

#3: If you do not like sweating, then fitness boot camp is definitely not for you. Although you can go at your own pace while doing the exercises, you have to really push yourself in order to get the most from this special workout program.

#4: If you are suffering ailments such as back pain and arthritis, the exercise is certainly not for you. This also applies to individuals with disabilities. A good part of the bootcamp moves exert a lot of impact on your joints. It’s better to go for a low-impact exercise if you have any of those challenges.

#5: The exercise also isn’t good for pregnant women. Your joints as a pregnant woman do not require the high-impact pounding associated with this type of workout. Besides, you will experience excess heat, which may in turn endanger the life of your unborn baby.

So, How Does Fitness Boot Camp Work?

The workout is structured like the military training routines, it is very tough and demanding; tons of drill of pull-ups, jumping jacks, squats, and push-ups in order to work the body into proper shape.

The program combines circuits of intense workouts that last for about 20-60 seconds per session. You will only take few seconds break in-between the workouts. The whole essence is to develop endurance and build strength.

Why It is Popular            

The increasing popularity of this program probably stems from its top benefits such as working the entire muscle groups. Also, you don’t need any equipment to perform the exercises. And, any place is suitable for the workouts.

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