Fitness Boot Camp: Should You Enroll?

“Fitness boot camp workout classes motivate, inspire and whip us into shape”, said a group of New Jersey health and fitness enthusiasts. “And, the GTZ trend has made exercise boot camp experience even more desirable”, one of them added.

It Provides the Confidence and Motivation to Workout
One of these NJ health and fitness enthusiasts added, “I lacked the confidence and motivation to workout, probably because I always felt uncoordinated. Thanks to my hair stylist who recommended I enlist in a boot camp fitness class. I mustered a lot of willingness to comply and am happy I did! I have never looked back since then.”

Nothing Compares to the Refreshing Feeling
According to 40 years old Robin, a successful businessman, “I’ve always felt refreshed after a gym session, but nothing compares to the uniqueness of the relief (both mentally and physically) I feel after a boot camp session. I do really kick my butt in the process, so the refreshing feeling is second to none.”

It Promotes Faster Weight Loss
“While I was gradually shedding some weight while attending regular gym sessions, the result was rather drastic when I embarked on boot camp workout sessions. I lost 20 pounds in 12 weeks. I’m happy to get back in shape after two years of trying to lose weight”, says Ruby, an NJ boot camp enthusiast.

So, What Really is Fitness Boot Camp?
As the name suggests, fitness boot-camp is a kind of physical training program for a group of participants. The program is usually conducted by a qualified personal trainer or gym instructors. The essence of this unique fitness program is to build endurance and strength in a motivating manner.

There are different styles of boot camp workouts, depending on the instructor or coordinator in charge. But generally, the meeting takes place outdoor, come rain or sun.

Ultimately, fitness boot-camp will provide you with a whole-body exercise and build your strength and endurance. And, the challenging and varied nature of the exercises makes fitness boot-camp very desirable and attractive.

Usually, participants may spend one hour performing some kind of cardio workouts such as hiking, running, interval training, or even course challenges. These are combined with strength training activities such as using exercising bands, dumbbells, or doing some sort of body weight resistance activities.

In addition, fitness activities such as flexibility training, Pilates, Yoga, and even healthy meal prep classes may be incorporated into a fitness boot-camp program. You can check out EATZ healthy Freehold meal prep class, NJ.