Choosing the Right Time to Exercise Based on Your Goals

Are you trying to figure out when you should be working out? If so, your workout time largely depends on your goals.

Your Goal: You Want to Stop Missing Your Workouts

If you try working out several times a week but you keep missing your workouts, you need to pick a time to work out when you will actually show up at the gym. For some people, that means working out first thing so you don’t let the day get away from you. If you’re not a morning person, then you may not make it to those early morning workouts consistently. In that case, choose an evening workout. The best time to work out is a time when you can be consistent.

Your Goal: You Want to Lose Weight

If your goal is to lose weight, choosing to work out during the morning hours may help you to make healthier choices throughout your day. Some studies show that you’re less likely to give in to cravings and more likely to be more active throughout your day if you workout in the morning. Working out in the morning can help you feel more lively, productive, and energized through the entire day. Just make sure you have something to eat before working out.

Your Goal: You Want to Gain More Muscle

For many people, performance peaks in the afternoon. This means that you can push harder, which makes the afternoon a great time to work out if you’re goal is to gain more muscle. It’s also a great training time if you are training for a race or another type of competition. However, if you’re competing in the morning, make sure that you begin doing workouts in the morning as your competition gets closer so your body has time to adjust to those competition conditions.