Breathing Tips to Improve Your Workouts

Breathing correctly during your workouts is important, and while you don’t need to obsess about breathing, you can find ways to breathe better. Here are some helpful breathing tips to help you improve your fitness routine.

Breathing Tips When Lifting Weights

If you’re lifting weights, focus on exhaling when lifting a weight and then inhale when lowering weights. Focusing on this will keep you from holding your breath, which is a common problem. Holding your breath has the ability to elevate your blood pressure. When lowering weights, blood pressure drops, which can result in dizziness. Breathing this way will help prevent these problems.

Breathing Tips for Runners

If you want to enjoy running more, slow, deep breathing can help. It helps makes you feel more relaxed and it keeps your body and brain loose. However, if you’re sprinting or pushing up a hill, allow your breathing to naturally become rapid and shallow. Your body is demanding more oxygen, so listen to your body.

Breathing Tips When Swimming

It’s important to force your breathing into a rhythm when you’re swimming. You want to begin exhaling as soon as you stop breathing in air. Unfortunately, many beginners tend to hold their breath when the face is in the water, working to exhale and inhale once they turn their head to breathe. Breathing this way can result in a low oxygen supply. It’s better to keep breath constant so you have enough oxygen while swimming. You’ll be able to go harder, longer.

Tips for Avoiding Dirty Air When Breathing

Exposure to pollution can result in lung irritation, and in some, it may cause asthma attacks. To avoid pollution when working out, follow these tips:

Go out early if you exercise outdoors. The air is usually cleaner in the morning.
Avoid pools that smell too much like chlorine.
Avoid running, walking, or biking near busy roads.
If necessary, stay inside if the pollution report looks bad and head to the gym.