Bootcamp Workouts: 6 Things You Need to Know

Bootcamp workouts have evolved to become a widely sought-after tool for health and weight loss enthusiasts. These exercises are inspired by the military training rigorous physical activities. Although demanding and quite strenuous, the workouts are rewarding. You should seek the doctor’s advice before enrolling for the workout.

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Here are top 6 things you need to know about bootcamp workouts;

#1: The Intensity Level is High

The workouts are fast-paced and quite intense. This is because the exercises integrate rapid-fire series of moves.

#2: It Targets Different Areas of the Body

  • Core: Exercises such as sit-ups, mountain climbers and planks work the core muscles, including the abs, while the cardio aspect of the exercise targets fat burning.
  • Legs: Usually, the boot camp programs incorporate leg moves such as lunges and squats.
  • Arms: Wide range of arm exercises are integrated into the workout program. Typical examples include tricep kickbacks, and bicep curls. You can use weighted balls or hand weights to perform these arm exercises.
  • Glutes: The program’s activities also include tons of workouts that target the glute muscles. Typical examples are lunges and squats.
  • Back: All the major muscle groups are targeted with the exercises, including your back muscles.

#3: There are Different Types

  • Aerobics: Tons of high-impact workouts are included in a bootcamp Typical examples are mountain climbers and jumping jacks. And, since the sequence moves are done very quickly, you will certainly breathe and sweat hard.
  • Flexibility: Stretching is typically an integral part of the program. Sometimes, some yoga activities are integrated into the exercises.
  • Strength: The program adopts workouts that are intended to strengthen the entire muscles of the body.

#4: People Targeted

  • Beginners: A beginner can participate in the program. However, this should be under the strict supervision of the instructor. And, it is suggested that you determine your own pace as a beginner.
  • Experienced Exercisers: The program is also very suitable for experienced exercisers who are already familiar with the different moves.

#5: You Can Perform the Workouts Anywhere

  • Outdoors: As long as you have enough space, you can perform the workouts at any outdoor spot – your backyard, a playground, including the park.
  • Indoors: You can perform the activities in a gym. You can also do them at home with the help of boot camp workout video.

#6: Equipment

Typically, the activities require you to provide resistance with your own body weight. Some pieces of equipment that may be integrated into this workout program include medicine balls, hand weights, or other forms of fitness equipment.

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