Best Exercises for Thinner Thighs

Along with the stomach, your thighs can be one of the first places that start to store fat. Whether you’re trying to look better, or simply trying to improve your health. Thigh exercises are a great way to slim your thighs while receiving plenty of core strengthening and cardiovascular benefits. If you’re not sure where to begin, just check out our tips for some of the best exercises for thinner thighs available today.

Ball Squats: Place an exercise ball against a wall and fit the ball in to the curve of your lower back, almost in a sitting position with your feet equal to your shoulder width. Try bending down up to 10 inches below your position, and hold this for 3 – 5 seconds. This exercise works on your thighs, as well as core and upper body strength. It’s a great way to slim thighs by improving muscle definition.

Leg Circles: You’ve probably seen these in the Women’s Pilates classes, and they work equally as well for both sexes. Lie flat on your back over an exercise mat, with your arms extended towards your feet and palm down. Raise one leg straight up, and trace the ceiling in a rotating pattern. Repeat this 5 times in smooth movements, ensuring to keep your leg and abdomen straight. Try five sets of this alternating between legs.

Lunges: Lunges are great for strength and thigh slimming, and you can make them even more effective by using dumbbells. Women can start with 8 pound dumbbells, while men could probably double the weight. Use whatever is comfortable for your current strength level. As with any lunge, always keep your knee from touching the floor, and evenly distribute weight between both legs to receive the most benefit from these exercises.

Stair Exercises: Whether you use a simple work out step, or the stairs in your home or office, stair exercises work out the thighs better than almost any other exercise. Cardio is a big part of any stair exercise, so you can often kill two workouts in one set.

Squats: You can do squats almost anywhere, at any time. Beginning with your feet placed hip-width apart, straighten your back while moving in to a sitting position with your arms extended, your back will naturally curve a little as you move down, but try to keep it as controlled as possible to receive the most benefit from this exercise. You can thin thighs, raise your butt, and increase strength in your thighs/calves.

Thigh exercises aren’t complicated, and most of them you can complete at home. Try incorporating any of the above in to your regular workout, and you’ll start receiving the benefits in stronger, leaner, healthier looking thighs.