Are Steroids Dangerous

Are Steroids Dangerous? Steroids are a class of drug that are classed as hormones. They are derived from hormones that already live inside our bodies. In humans, we get natural testosterone. It leads to increased muscle mass, to better bone density and helps in the production of sperm.

Some also help to provide for red blood cell prodcution and may incrase our appetite. Anabolic or androgenic effects can take place from the different types of steroids.

There are a wide range of reasons why we might see medical care providers using steroids.We see them used to treat some types of anemia and to treat osteoporosis in women, as well as to treat some types of breast cancer. They are necessary for hormone replacement.

One thing they are not used for is athletic prowess and are usually contraindicated for this type of use, but we are seeing it happen more and more.

There are dangers involved in the long term use of steroids, particularly if they are not closely followed by a doctor. In the case of juicing for muscle mass, many steroid users do not follow up closely with a doctor because in most cases this type of use is frowned on.

Steroids can cause real damage to the liver when used in the long term and that damage can be permanent. They can elevate the cholesterol levels and increase the red blood cell count to very dangerous levels. They may lead to hardening of the arteries and to congestive heart failure.

Athletes who use steroids may experience some very detrimental side effects that will damage their bodies in the long run, even though they are using them to build muscle and to promote their athletic abilities.

Think carefully before you try to boost your muscle mass too quickly by the use of steroids, even the purportedly legal and herbal varieties. Natural muscle building using good nutrition and good exercise methods provided by a personal trainer are always the best way forward.