Are Smoothies Good Food?

Are smoothies good food or even good for you? If you watch television or scroll the internet for healthy eating or dieting tips, you will soon encounter smoothies as a viable alternative. The only problem is smoothies are not always good food.


Before we delve into the down side of the smoothie craze, let’s talk about what constitutes a good smoothie. If you are looking for a cool refreshing drink that is also good for the body here are some ingredients you should expect:

  • Low fat or soy milk
  • Fresh or frozen fruit
  • Honey
  • Fat free yogurt
  • Lemon juice
  • Ginger
  • Flaxseed

There are multiple combinations of ingredients that will provide you with a tasty and healthy smoothie. The ingredients themselves, while having a low caloric count, also provide essential vitamins and protein, all of which are good for the body.


Unfortunately, restaurants and even conveniences stores have begun offering the smoothie and usually not the healthy alternative. Several restaurant varieties pack more calories in a strawberry smoothie than a Burger King double cheeseburger! What! Yes, you read that correctly, this a 20 ounce Smoothie King Strawberry Hulk weighs in with a whopping 990 calories. (You also get a nice heaping helping of fat for your trouble, 52 grams.)


Are smoothie’s good food? The best answer to that question is it depends. Are you making your own smoothies? Can you access the ingredients list and basic information about a particular smoothie? Made with fresh produce, crushed ice, soy or low-fat milk and a choice of flavorings, a smoothie can be a fantastic healthy drink. On the other hand, fill it with whole milk, cream, sugar and a host of unpronounceable ingredients and it is no better for you than the average greased infused fast food burger.