Answering the Most Common Fitness Questions

5 Common Fitness Questions Answered

If you’re working towards a fit, healthy body, you may have some big questions. Here’s a look at some common fitness questions and their answers.

Question #1 – I’m working out all the time, so why won’t that belly pooch go away?

Just toning isn’t enough to eliminate that belly. However, you can do several things to eliminate that pooch. Start limiting sugar and increasing fiber intake. Make sure you increase the intensity of your workouts to burn more fat. You also need to reduce stress, since stress results in the release of cortisol, which can be responsible for the creation or retention of abdominal fat.

Question #2 – Should I work out in the morning or evening for the best results?

Unfortunately, studies on this topic usually disagree. However, in many cases, if you choose a later workout session, you’re more likely to have a problem with something getting in the way of your workout, such as fatigue or work. Keep in mind, you do need to choose a time of day that works for you. If you have a tough time getting up in the morning, you may not be consistent with your workout if you choose a 5am workout time.

Question #3 – Do I need to do weights and cardio on separate days?

If you plan to go all out with your cardio or weight training workout, doing them on separate days to make sure your second workout doesn’t suffer. However, if you only have a few days per week to work out and you want to max out your calorie burn, you can do them together. However, you should do cardio before you lift weights.

Question #4 – How can I break through a plateau?

You have a couple of options if you want to break through a plateau. One idea is to start increasing your intensity. Consider adding some intervals to your strength training or cardio workouts. Taking a day off can also help, since overtraining may make your body go into preservation mode, which makes it store more fat.

Question #5 – Should I exercise when I’m sore from my last workout?

In most cases, it’s okay to exercise when you’re mildly or moderately sore. However, you should take it easy if your sore. However, if you have significant soreness, consider taking a break.