5 Great Exercises That Blast Away Fat

5 Great Exercises That Blast Away Fat. Are you trying to make the most of your time at the gym? If so, you want to choose exercises that help you blast away fat fast. To lose those extra pounds, you want to do exercises that burn off more calories and fat that average exercises. Here’s a look at five great exercises that will maximize your workout, helping you burn off fat fast.

Exercise #1 – Burpees

Burpees are one of the best fat blasting exercises, and they are effective because they use your entire body. This exercise is a popular exercise in most boot camp programs because it engages nearly all the muscles in the body. Your legs are engaged when you squat, the core is engaged when jumping back. When you do the pushup, your triceps, shoulders, and chest are engaged. This exercise combines cardio and strengthen training, which helps you torch calories quickly.

Exercise #2 – Squat Jumps

A jump squat involves crouching into a regular squat and the leaping up into the air instead of just standing out. This move engages the quads, hamstrings, and glutes all at one time. When you jump, you also add some cardio to the exercise. When you repeat multiple squat jumps in a row, you’ll really feel the burn and you’ll have your heart rate up in no time, burning off fat fast.

Exercise #3 – Rowing

Rowing is well known as a wonderful cardio workout. However, when you slow the pace and increase your intensity, you can really blast fat away fast. By increasing the intensity, you will work the muscles harder, which torches calories quickly. As you row, you’ll be straining with your biceps, back, hamstrings, glutes, and more, which means your body will got into fat-burning mode to fuel your body.

Exercise #4 – Spidermans

Spidermans take a plank, which is a great exercise on its own, and boost the calorie burn by bringing the legs up to the hands. This engages not only your core, but it also gets the large muscles in your legs involved as well. The more muscles you are using at once, the more calories and fat the exercise will burn.

Exercise #5 – Lunge Presses

This is another great exercise that uses a lot of different muscles at one time. Start out by stepping forward into a lunge, and then hold your position. While in the lunge, use your arms to press dumbbells up over the head. You’ll use your legs for the lunge, and the arms and shoulders work hard to press those weights above your head. To keep your balance, you’ll be engaging your core as well, so you’re keeping the entire body working during this exercise.

If you’re not sure how to perform these exercises, talk to your personal trainer. You’ll also find many of these exercises featured in a boot camp class. Use these exercises and you’ll have no problem blasting fat away quickly.