5 Body Building Exercises to Maintain Muscle at Home

Signing up for boot camp training New Jersey is one of the best ways to lose weight, get in shape, and build muscle. Aspiring body builders will be able to make significant gains with the help of a personal trainer who can also provide assistance with good nutrition. Even with the benefits of a structured program, there are opportunities away from the gym to maintain muscle, helping to maximize the benefits of your gym workouts.

These are five bodybuilding exercises that you can do at home, to complement your boot camp fitness training.

The Plank. This is a powerful exercise that relies on your own body weight for effectiveness. Begin on a flat surface, and lie with your fists clenched together under your forehead, and your forearms flat on the floor. Support your lower body from your toes, and push up from the floor, keeping your body as straight as possible. Extend and hold the position, and perform ten repetitions. You will feel this working your abs, as well as your shoulders and chest.

Bicep Curls. Extremely effective and only requiring dumbbells, this one keeps your shoulders and arms in shape. You might consider this to be only a basic exercise, but the problem is that many beginners perform it incorrectly. The aim is to keep your legs spread at shoulder width, while pulling in your core to maintain posture. Curls should be a full extension, and performed slowly and steadily.

Squats. This one is especially important for maintaining buttocks and thighs. If you haven’t performed squats before, you can begin these with your back to the wall, to provide you an idea of how to keep straight. Place your feed at your hip’s width, and extend your arms directly out. Move your body down to sitting position, and rise back up to a standing position.

Raised Leg Push Up. The one leg raised pushup is performed just like a normal push up, except that you will keep one leg raised. This increases the work on your other muscles, providing more benefit from a few repetitions. Like all resistance exercise, the aim is to keep your core muscles taught, to maintain your balance. Keep the movements slow and sustained, to maximize the benefits.

Nutrition. Ok, technically this is not an exercise, but it is hugely important to maintaining muscle mass, keeping body fat in control, and helping to recover after exercise. You will require a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrate, and fat, with the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Knowing your exact energy requirements will depend on your current weight and fitness level.

A fitness trainer in New Jersey will be able to tailor the perfect workout plan for boot camp training, and assist you with planning your own maintenance exercises at home. They will also be able to provide expert nutritional advice, taking into account your dietary requirements, and any other religious or special diet concerns that you have.