You Crave Certain Things Because You Are Lacking Something Your Body Needs!


Believe it or not cravings are more important than we think!!! They are the body’s method of telling you something is needed. Here are some typical food cravings and what they mean :

Salt: Mineral deficiencies or dehydration (the body will crave salt to help retain water)
Sugar: Sugar can be caused by protein or amino acids deficiencies, or the need for body/brain fuel.
Alcohol: Alcohol cravings can be caused by poor sugar metabolism, protein deficiency or the need for body/brain fuel.
Bread or Pasta: Unbalanced blood sugar levels or the presence of an infection in the body.
Cheese: The body is lacking essential fatty acids, proteins or amino acids.
Spicy Food: Your body is seeking vitamins and minerals, especially zinc.
Ice: Ice cravings can be causes by iron deficiencies, and the need for B6 and B12.

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