You Are What You Eat

Everyone says that nowadays…everyone will tell you that the foods you eat shape the way you look. Unfortunately that is a fact, not a myth. 70-80% of the way you look is WHAT YOU EAT!

So you workout everyday and you run and you run…but your body has only slight changes. Why?.. Because that nutrition factor really is true. And it isn’t only what you eat, but how much as well. Eating til you cannot breathe is obviously too much. But overeating in general will make you store the extra unused macro-nutrients as fat! A good general rule of thumb our NJ in home personal training staff advocate is eating until your just a notch or two under the full feeling.

Our hypothalamus gland is responsible for controlling when we are hungry or satisfied just as it regulates our sleep cycle and body temperature. As soon as you eat the food, does not mean your hypothalamus is fully in cahoots with your satiety level; it takes time. This is why eating until your slightly below your satisfied level will help prevent overeating and fat storing.

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