Working out During the Holiday Season


Getting your workout in! The holidays are a busy time and sometimes you just can’t fit in your workouts, or your workouts take a back seat to holiday parties and other social events. Here are some ways that you can make sure you get your workouts in during this busy time.

Make a Workout Date with a Friend: You will be more likely to show up if a friend is waiting for you.
Book Your Personal Trainer: Having a paid appointment will keep you motivated to get to your training session, and on time because you have made a monetary commitment.

Workout First thing in the Morning: Errands and weekend schedules can get in the way throughout the day, so wake up an hour early before the family, and hit the gym or go for a nice run.

Try Something New: Sign up for a morning yoga class or boot camp. The excitement of something new can help keep you moti- vated to get out of bed, plus the fact that you don’t have work.

Give Yourself a Reward: Make yourself a promise to get a massage, enjoy a pedicure or buy a new outfit, only if you complet- ed your workout.

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