Women and Resistance Training

For all the women that are not doing resistance training…you are undercutting yourself from getting maximum results!

Many women, when it comes to resistance training claim “I don’t do it because I don’t want to get big.” It is physically IMPOSSIBLE for you to get anywhere as muscular as a man! Simply put, you do not generate as much testosterone as a man. How many guys out there are struggling to gain size? And I’ll say it again…STRUGGLING! Unless you are magically gifted, you can workout as much as you want and size will not come with it.

Yes, some women have bigger attributes than others. For example, a woman can have bigger thighs than average, so she may require more upper body work than lower. And the bottom line is this: putting on muscle will not make you look big; it will help reduce the BODYFAT that is currently making you look bigger.

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