Why Weight Lifting Is What You Need To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life!!


Weight lifting workouts can help you lose weight along with proper diet. Lifting weights can help you burn fat, change your bodies figure, and tone you up injury free. You can also successfully re-sculpt trouble spots such as bat wings on your arms or sagging tush.

Lifting Weights to Lose Weight
1. In order to lose weight, it’s important to increase your metabolism. Lifting weights increases your body’s rate of metabolism and keeps it raised long after the workout is completed. The reasoning behind this is your body has an increased demand for oxygen as a result of the workout; which registers an increase in the metabolism.

2. Weight lifting workouts also help with the development of healthy muscles. Muscles are an important factor in raising your metabolism, a pound of muscle can burn up to 50 calories a day whereas a pound of fat can burn only 3-5 calories. Since lifting weights helps build muscles and also burns fat, it has a dual benefit in weight loss programs. In addition, weight lifting workouts also help to strengthen the bones and increase endurance levels. For best results, weight lifting workouts should be combined with cardiovascular activities.

Burning Fat
1. In order to burn fat, build muscle, shape your body and lose inches, you should lift weights at least 3 times a week and also pay equal attention to your diet. Aerobic training in the form of cardiovascular workouts are also essential. Doing all three in conjunction can help you attain a lean, muscular and sculpted body. You can also optimize your muscle to fat ratio and keep fat away permanently.

How to Lose Weight with a Weight Lifting Workout
1. Always remember to lift more weights than your muscles are used to, change = change. You should increase the amount of weights you lift once your body gets used to a particular set of weights. You should ensure that the amount of weights you lift can enable you to complete the last rep with difficulty. Make changes in your weight lifting regime on a regular basis.

2. Choose a variety of rep ranges that target different muscle fibers if you want to lose weight from different areas of your body. It’s important to warm up before a workout and cool down after one. The weights should be lifted and lowered slowly focusing on squeezing the muscle without you holding your breath. In order to prevent any injury, you must maintain your posture and keep your balance.

If you’re one of those people who just aren’t seeing results anymore I hope this has changed your mind about weight lifting. Next time you go to the gym pick up the weights, if you need guidance look for a local boot camp class, guarantee they will get you in the best shape of your life!

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