Why Most People Fail To Build Muscle; This Is For You Too Ladies!


Not sure that most of you know this, but do you remember all of those toned girls or shredded men you see on magazines and on t.v that you want to look like? Well today I’m giving you there secret… weight lifting! Ladies stop being afraid of the weights and lifting heavy, that is the KEY to looking amazing, the more muscle you have the more fat your body burns.

From the start muscle building can feel like an impossible process. So many people put ALL of their time in with resistance training and see little to no results. Because of this they quit before they get anywhere close to their goals. I’m going to give you some tips to avoid these mistakes; watch your body build muscle and the fat burn off your body.

Why are people failing to build muscle? Let’s look at some common reasons.

Lack of Consistency – You’re missing too many workouts. It’s OK to miss a small handful of workouts each year, but not each month.

Lack of Progress – You’re not pushing for progressive overload. If you aren’t challenging your body, it has little reason to grow.

Poor Exercise Selection – Are you choosing the most challenging barbell and dumbbell exercises, or avoiding them?

No Patience – Muscle building takes years, not weeks. You might be making progress, but expecting too much it too short a period of time.

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