Why Marlboro Boot Camps Are The New Fitness Fad For Women

Boot Camp style workouts have become bigger and bigger in the fitness industry; right now they are at their all time high. Fitness fads come and go but Boot Camp style workouts have always remained. They have been abided by in the military, and more recently have been generalized into the public. Owning my own boot camp in Marlboro, NJ has allowed me to incorporate this style of workouts into our training routines.

They remain popular because of the great workout they provide, each workout you get a full body workout that is fun and challenging all at the same time.  In addition to getting a great workout you are burning about 600 calories each workout which will produce weight loss when combined with proper nutrition. Not only is burning a lot of calories great but you are strengthening your muscles through the high intensity training the boot camp circuits provide. The exercises that are performed during these classes will not only help overall strength and weight loss but will also add benefit to everyday activities such as lifting a box or groceries.

Now, more than ever, women are making executive family decisions pertaining to money. Over the past decade, this has increased rapidly. Boot camp class memberships are mainly purchased by women, because they are an affordable way to get personal training without paying anywhere from 500 dollars to 900 dollars a month. Studies show that women who workout together are far more likely to lose more weight vs women who workout alone. By nature, women are competitive. In the boot camp style class, the competition is friendly and it works!

Part of the reason people workout is because they enjoy it right? Women really enjoy these group setting workouts because they really do have fun performing them. Enjoyment for women comes from friendly competition, results, and it becoming a social outlet for them. When women come to their fitness facilities they get trained in a fashion similar to training for men. Women are able to feel strong, confident, and able to accomplish these workouts “designed for men.”

Not only have boot camp style classes changed a persons outlook on fitness and exercise, but their life as well. People completing these workouts feel as if they have accomplished something great, which leads to a more confident individual…A very addictive feeling. Feeling so confident, they seek out new opportunities in both physical health and wellness, as well as in their professional and personal lives.

It’s not just about the workout! Boot camps are the key to a different happiness – a confidence boost most people need to get back on track with in order to get to the next level. The women we train are constantly pushing themselves past their limits in order to perform better in their boot camp workouts, and that is what makes their bodies change.

~George Perelshteyn