Where do you workout?

Feel free to share your style…

When it comes to finding a place to exercise, a lot of people start “shopping around”. People want a good price. People want a good atmosphere. It seems that to many, the results you get with exercise, comes third. The truth of the matter is that you don’t need an expensive gym membership or a personal trainer. Realistically, you can get fit in a park, FOR FREE. In the old days, children used to walk to school. People would play sports outside periodically. Most importantly, we weren’t as spoiled with drive-thru’s and modern day technology backed by an immobile, convenient way of life. Because of this lifestyle, we must resort to paying companies for the service of providing them health.

Our at home personal training is not the best. No gym or fitness center is a miracle. You must find the method that works for you and DO IT! You get one life to live. And remember, everyone in New Jersey is busy just like you. Make time for yourself to get fit and healthy. And make it a LIFESTYLE!

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