When Do Your Muscles Grow?

There’s a feeling that those in weight training constantly chase. This feeling is most known as THE PUMP. And for the women reading this…this involves you very much as well.

‘The pump’ is just another way to say that there is blood rushing into your muscles. There is enough blood rushing into those muscles to help widen that muscle and make it susceptible to growth.

Think about when your muscles feel that ‘pump’ feeling. If you pick up a kettlebell once, do your muscles feel that inflated feeling? -no. On the other hand, if you performed 10 sets of 10 repetitions of a certain exercise, flexing your muscles would no longer generate any visual effects because the muscles you worked are already pumped to their max.

For everyone, the threshold is different. Some people may need half a dozen sets and others may need triple the amount of sets in order to yield the same effect. The more years you train, the more work you will need to reach that ‘pumped’ feeling. It is that feeling that make your muscles feel as though they will pop. It is the feeling that will make your muscles grow. It is the feeling our at home NJ personal training staff advocate. And It is the feeling that will help you in your fat loss endeavors.

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