What makes a protein complete?

The thing that separates one protein source from another is how complete it comes with it’s amino acid chain. Each COMPLETE protein is composed of all 9 amino acids. A great example of this is red meat such as steak. Steak, although fatty, comes complete in its properties as an animal source of protein. Eating shrimp for example is not the same. Although shrimp are also animals and have a higher source of protein, they lack some of the amino acids.

Eating a complete protein has it benefits:
-Your body will absorb the protein source better
-Your body will have to work harder to break down the protein. This will burn more calories and greatly help with your weight loss
-As for recovery, eating a complete protein source will greatly help with quick recovery

When shopping for protein powders, you should do some research on the type you want to buy. Usually the cheaper ones come incomplete and the really expensive ones are jammed with absurd amounts of substances that you really do not need.

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