What Do You Do In The Morning?

First, we all brush our teeth. Second…YOU SHOULD BE HAVING BREAKFAST. There have been hundreds of studies performed; all showing that eating a good breakfast will promote a healthy metabolism for the whole day, increase muscle gains, reduce muscle loss, and will greatly help you lose weight!

You’ve just been fasting for 6-8 hours! Your body is hungry and WILL go into protein reservoirs in order to receive energy. Although it is true that your body will use fat first when there are no carbohydrates left, your body can also dig into some protein reservoirs as well. For breakfast, you should be having your whole grain carbs, your good fats, and of course protein. Eggs and Ezekiel toast is a great combination! And don’t forget to have 1-2 whole eggs as well with your egg whites. Nearly all of the vitamins and minerals are found in the egg yolk.

Don’t be that person that runs out the door 10 minutes after waking up. It takes good prior planning (or in this case – cooking) to achieve the results you desire. So make time to make breakfast and watch your physique improve!

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