What are the largest muscles in the body?

Your LEGS. Now, other than pointing out a very obvious fact, let’s pursue this a little further. Ever wonder why most of the cardiovascular machines are geared to engage your legs? Why does our in home personal training staff stress leg work?

When you work your muscles, your heart must pump more blood into those muscles, thus giving you an elevated heart rate. Imagine the difference between the amount of blood your heart has to pump when you work a small muscle like the bicep as opposed to large ones like the quadriceps (the front part of your legs). Train your legs HARD. Make yourself sweat and your heart race. This tip might even be geared more towards women.

Why? Because statistically, women find it more enjoyable to work legs than men do. Most men dread leg day and dread cardio BECAUSE it involves working the leg muscles.

Work your legs guys! You’ll see wonders in weight loss!
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