Weight Training and Locking Out

When performing resistance training, ESPECIALLY if you are going heavy, it is crucial that you do not lock out in your movements. This is good for those of you with a little extra pride that try and put up too much weight…

Let’s take a standard chest press. This is an exercise that involves you to first lower the weight towards your chest and immediately push it back up and away from you. Upon reaching that endpoint of one repetition, many of us in New Jersey enjoy taking a short second break. A break that involves you to lock your elbows out, so as to take some of the pressure off your pectoral/deltoid/tricep muscles.

What this does is put an increasingly high amount of pressure on your joints; especially those in your elbows. Performing something known as “rest-pause” sets is acceptable; however, the locking out part is something you will live to regret. Yes, you will be able to squeeze out an extra repetition or two, but your joints will not be so thankful years to come. And for those of you that believe this isn’t much of a big deal; IT IS! Scavenging vitamin stores for fish oils, msm, chondroitin, and glucosamine is not something you want to be doing later in life.

DO NOT hyperextend your joints. DO NOT add unnecessary amounts of pressure to the only joints you will receive in life. Train Smart. Training smart will aid you in your fat loss results, will put more muscle on you, and will give you the strength and endurance you crave. This is something our in home personal training staff incorporates into every weight loss workout with our New Jersey clientele AND SO SHOULD YOU!

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