Weekend Survival Guide


The weekend has finally arrived and you have done so good all week on your diet and at the gym. Don’t let the weekend bring you down. Have fun with your weekend and live a little. Use these tips to help you feel better and guilt free come Monday.

1. Don’t Ditch The Diet: You worked so hard all week, don’t let the weekend ruin a weeks worth of good work. Cut up some fruits and veggies and when you feel like munching go in the fridge and grab them. Even if you over eat fruit it’s better then pizza or wendy’s. If you have the food prepared you are not going to want to waste it.

2. Do Something New This Weekend:
If you are lucky enough to have this coming Monday off, check out local deals and see what there all about. We have a deal going on now actually, 4 week unlimited boot camp for $29!

3. Drink up water: Do you find that you do not drink enough water on the weekend because you are out of your normal routine? Fill up you water bottles and take them wherever you go!!!

4. Rewarding yourself: Keep motivated by rewarding yourself with non-food related rewards. For example, if you hit the gym Saturday morning for cardio and weights treat yourself to a pedicure or massage after. It will give you something to look forward to and keep you motivated during your workout.

5. Plan some “Me” Time: It is very important to take time to relax and clear your mind and body to ease you of stress and weekday craziness. Pick something you enjoy that eases your mind and make sure you take the time out to do that.

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