Walk A Little Extra

Today will be a very interesting tip…

This involves something you do on a weekly basis; for instance, shopping. Many of us in New Jersey are very busy during the week and only have time to go shopping during busy hours. So, let’s use an example that one of our trainers came across today. A woman was waiting in a parking lot in East Brunswick in order to park in the handicapped space. Keep in mind that the lot was very full of cars; especially towards the front. Behind this woman, was a man WITH NO HANDICAPPED STICKER waiting for someone to pull out of a spot so that he would not have to walk extra. This man also blocked one of the lanes and caused some traffic. Instead of causing traffic, and instead of giving East Brunswick a negative reputation, park your car wherever there may be a spot. Even if it may be in the back.

For those of you who do not like parking your cars in the back of a parking lot, think of all the benefits you receive from walking a little extra. The main factor is that you may have not been exercising lately, and this may just be what you need. Parking in the back of a lot every single time you go out, will add it’s cardiovascular benefits to you in the long run.

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