Use Circuit Training To Optimize Fat Loss & Muscle Growth

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Use Circuit Training To Optimize Fat Loss & Muscle Growth

A common mistake many gym goers make when planning their workout routine is not leaving sufficient rest between exercises that work the same muscle groups. Not letting the muscle rest can result in fatigue and sub-par results. So how do you fit all your workout into the time frame you need? Circuits!!

Circuits are basically a set of exercises performed one after the other, with a rest at then end. Circuits are great for muscle building, fat loss and general fitness. You can get a whole body workout routine and get your heart rate right up in just one session. Perfect for people who have little time to hit the gym. Machines are often the best choice for circuits as they’re easy to setup and get a set out.

Some gyms might even have a room dedicated for circuit training which would make life even easier for you.

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