Triceps Training

For those of you that don’t know this, the triceps are the back part of your arms. This, many times, is the part some people like to “wiggle” in order to show how much fat they have on their arm. Here are some good tips for exercising your triceps.

First, you should know that your triceps are composed of three heads: later, medial, and long. Unlike bigger muscles such as your chest or leg muscles, the triceps respond better to higher repetition ranges. When strictly training your triceps, try and stay to a higher (10-15) repetition range. Of course if you are performing a multi-joint exercise such as dips or inward grip bench presses, you may lower the repetition ranges slightly. However, with your isolation exercises, stick to the higher repetitions.

Another very good tip is angle training. Because of it’s three heads, triceps respond very well to being trained from a multitude of angles. When our at home personal training staff trains clients, we give our NJ clientele exercises that can hit each one of the triceps’ heads so as to generate more stimulation for the muscles. It is also very good to do such exercises such as dips, inward grip bench press, and certain multi-joint machines when it comes to weight loss. Even though you are concentrating on working your triceps, engaging more muscle groups will not only allow your triceps to handle more weight, but doing so will burn more calories.

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