Training with Supersets

Training using supersets is not something that is only used by bodybuilders. But first let’s look at an example.Let’s say you are performing a barbell row. You first perform your initial set of 10-12 repetitions and then immediately move on to doing a seated cable row for another 10-12. Executing two exercises like this, back to back will break down your muscle in a shorter amount of time. This will also contribute to weight loss because of the elevated heart rate you will receive from performing the superset.

Our in home personal training staff advocates styles of training like this in order to raise your body’s endurance levels, burn more fat, and to cut workout time without losing results. Make sure you don’t over-do it, however. More is not necessarily better. Don’t perform set after set after set with no stopping. You must give your body a few seconds rest to prevent overtraining. Also, exercising with no breaks will greatly hinder your strength levels. Train smart and efficiently.

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