Train Evenly!

-For the guys that are doing bench presses all day
-For the girls trying to lose fat on their arms
-For all of you trying to lose fat off your stomach with crunches

There’s a very simple and old saying with fitness, “You’re only as strong as your weakest body part”. This principle applies to EVERYTHING, whether it’s fat loss, muscle gain, toning up, strength gain, etc. Many people train with certain exercises and they leave it at that. Adding variety and working ALL OF YOUR MUSCLES will give you tremendous gains in the long run.

Here’s an example of someone trying to be able to press more weight on the bench press.

1) The failing route would be to continually just do heavy presses – hoping that they are able to press more.

2) The more experienced exerciser will add variety such as rotator training add the end of the workout, varied sets which also work on endurance, and even core training.

Even-body training will reduce your risk of injury due to over-straining of one weaker muscle.

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