Top Tips To Truly Get Fit !

Getting truly fit and healthy takes some proper planning and direction. These fitness goals will give you the direction you need to get started ! Whatever you do in life, having a clear thought out set of guidelines to follow will help you reach your goal more quickly.

– Aim to train two to five times a week ! Each session should consist of 30 minutes to 1 hour. Remember its quality not quantity of time you spend training that will lead you to progression.

– Do a mixture of exercises ! Make sure your training routine covers all necessary elements such as cardiovascular, resistance training and flexibility. You should always warm up and cool down before each session.

– Take on a new class ! Commit to trying a new exercise discipline each month because different forms of training will hit different places ! For example our GTZ boxing class will build core training into your exercise principles, and show you how to hit your abdominals in ways that are not possible with conventional sit-ups.

– Become Independent ! It is very important to know and understand how to workout without the use of equipment. How many times have you heard someone return to the gym after a nice sun soaked vacation telling you they are sluggish because there was no gym there ? If you learn to use your own body by doing squats, lunges, press-ups, a variety of sit-ups and stretches, you can workout wherever you are in the world, and there is no excuse for not looking after yourself.


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